Quality Assurance

Quality Assurance

Mission Trading Company, Inc. (“MTC”) is proud of its reputation for offering quality replacement auto parts. In order to maintain this reputation, we are constantly working to improve our products to prevent premature failures and/or defective parts from even leaving our factories. 


MTC works hard side-by-side with our Buyers to constantly improve the quality of our products. It is because of this motivation and stringent quality standards that we continue to grow year after year.

MTC produces its products in state of the art factories to ensure manufacturing standards consistent with all AAIA and OEM specifications which require the highest levels of quality.
Continuous Quality Improvement
 MTC uses a range of tools to administer continuous quality improvement.


·      Monitoring and control of the production process and parameter control of all product characteristics throughout the   manufacturing process

·      Post-production inspections

·      Pre-Shipment Inspections from Factory to MTC Distribution Centers

·      Internal Quality Audits at Distribution Centers

·      Final quality inspection before shipment

Every MTC part also undergoes one or more of the following measures in order to make certain that each part meets or exceeds OE standards for fitment, function, durability, and design:


1.          Installation and use of the part in real world conditions for a specified duration of time. This is achieved by partnering with local auto repair shops and dealerships to test the quality of our. Each product is tested with these standards and must be approved in order to be mass produced.


2.          Laboratory testing of rubber and metal compounds for tensile strength, shear strength, compression strength, elasticity, stiffness, etc. under extreme conditions. MTC constantly works to improve the OEM designs through reverse engineering all products. Many items can be found in our product offering that are improved design over OEM. Some examples are aluminum thermostat housings vs. plastic housings, magnetic drain plugs, polyurethane bushings, high-density nylon products and producing certain control arms in aluminum vs. steel OEM units.


3.          Exhaustive factory and local inspections of every part against OEM samples and 3D engineering drawings to ensure consistent quality in each product.

In the unlikely event that one of our products fails, the distributor can contact us for a fast and no hassle return. We are so confident at MTC that our products are produced to exceed OEM specifications and quality standards that we offer an industry leading 12 month unlimited mileage warranty against defects in materials and workmanship (labor . All warranty returns are carefully scrutinized to determine the cause of failure so corrections and improvements can be made immediately at the source. At MTC, perfection is the greatest motivator. We constantly strive to provide our customers and the end consumer with the upmost confidence in our products.

Being a direct manufacturer, supplying MTC products gives you the peace of mind that your company is offering the best possible parts at the best price to your consumers.


Due to in house and factory quality control procedures, some products may exhibit slight color variation. This is not a defect or difference in structural integrity. The variation is simply a dye content change in order to mark or distinguish different production runs from one another. For more information please contact info@mtcparts.com

This warranty is valid only on parts installed by certified and qualified personnel and in the application for which they are intended. Parts that are altered, abused, or subjected to arduous use may be excluded from warranty coverage at Mission Trading Company’s discretion. Our warranty does not cover any labor or other costs for removal, installation, damage, delays, loss of part, misuse, or for incidental or consequential damages. If the returned product is tested to be in full working condition, Mission Trading Company will not honor the warranty or return costs and will assess a 20% restocking fee.


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